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Shibao was rated as the 18th "National Hundred Excellent Auto Parts Suppliers"

       Recently, the list of the 18th "National Hundred Excellent Auto Parts Suppliers" (hereinafter referred to as "Hundred Excellent Suppliers") was officially released! Zhejiang Shibao Co., Ltd. has been on the list for more than ten consecutive years.

       Registration for the 18th "Hundred Excellent Suppliers" was launched in June this year. It took more than 5 months through five links including enterprise self-declaration, industry recommendation, preliminary evaluation, re-evaluation, and publicity. In the end, 100 outstanding companies were selected.

       Among the award-winning companies this year, there are not only outstanding companies that have been deeply involved in traditional parts and components products, but also cutting-edge technology companies in the field of intelligent networking and new energy; there are both national quality benchmark companies and outstanding companies that have broken through the monopoly of foreign technology. There are companies that have made outstanding contributions to the automotive industry in a certain field, a certain technology or a certain product; and there are also representative potential companies that are small but grow rapidly.